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Vince Turcotte joins Cognitive GRC as an Independent Consultant on Digital Assets

Vince Turcotte joins the project consulting team at Cognitive GRC to continue his journey as a technical leader, and pioneer with a vast experience in both traditional and digital markets.

Digital Assets Expert
Vince Turcotte, Digital Assets, Cognitive GRC

Vince Turcotte is a long-term friend of the team at Cognitive GRC as we have shared many a panel, course and industry discussion over the years. He is a fellow lecturer on the IPI Hedge Fund Course and a fountain of knowledge on all markets.

Vince has joined us as an independent consultant on Digital Assets and will be available for projects as required.

He joins our panel of highly experienced independent consultants, such as himself, having worked most recently on Digital Asset Surveillance systems.

He joins our digital asset knowledge collective, which includes David Harrington, who has worked for and with licensed, or soon to be licensed regulated virtual asset service providers on Policy and Procedures and Independent External Assessment Reports. David has been working with Cognitive GRC prior to stints at those firms and continues to be available for projects and exclusive engagements.

The combined experience of this team brings over 60 years of directly relevant, traditional market, and regulatory knowledge to assist firms seeking to access the growing digital asset scene. We are currently working to develop support infrastructure for those emerging firms, while collaborating with independent technology experts to help new entrants assimilate their digital asset trading solutions into the regulatory framework that is very much based on the traditional market infrastructure,

Cognitive GRC has a unique position in the market with such an experienced team working behind the scenes and driving change to make the markets more accessible to the participants. We have also taken note on how the developments in crypto currency, coins, assets and custody are already having an impact on how things are being done in the traditional finance.

Since even before the implementation of the Virtual Asset Service Provider Regime and the more recent conclusions on Virtual Asset Trading Platforms, the team has been working on digital asset projects and were briefing industry participants on the changes as the regulations were being defined. (See our earlier posts). We particularly noted that the regulator’s investment in digital asset market surveillance tools would have an impact on how they would approach security market surveillance. We also note how some of the approaches adopted in online products are being migrated across into the traditional product field. In order, to be ready to operate in the future, practitioners and their clients are likely to be impacted by the digital revolution. Whatever your view may be with regards to the fundamental value of the basic coin, regulated Firm's and indeed, our clients, will need to remain across these developments as they arise. For some it will be a strategic imperative. For others it is just too important to ignore.

Vince Turcotte is an Independent Consultant, Digital Assets for Cognitive GRC, a Hong Kong based regulatory and compliance consulting firm. Previously, he was with Eventus, a cutting-edge market surveillance and risk monitoring system as Director, Head of Digital Assets, Asia Pacific. Vince has more than two decades of regional management experience at exchanges, broker-dealers and futures commission merchants (FCMs). He previously served for four years as Director, Asia Pacific, for Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) and before that as Managing Director, Asia Pacific and Head of Futures & Options for Nomura International, beginning in 2011. From 1995 to 2011, Turcotte held senior production and sales management positions at Newedge Group, as well as global banks UBS and JPMorgan Chase in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore. He previously held senior production roles at several brokerage firms after starting his career as a booth clerk and runner on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange trading floor. Turcotte earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo and an MBA from DePaul University in Chicago, graduating Cum Laude.

Apart from that, like all our independent consultants, he is just a great person to know because he really knows his stuff and is passionate about everything he turns his mind too including helping out others to move things forward. Please watch out for opportunities to hear Vince discuss market developments on Digital Assets. We look forward to hearing him contribute to the cautious development of the market.

  • Get in touch with Cognitive GRC for any of your digital asset needs in Asia. Reach out if you are looking for support on applications and Independent Assessments in Hong Kong.

  • Speak to our applications team if you need some help with your digital asset uplift notifications if you are interested in getting prepared.

  • We can also put you in touch with our vast contacts at VATPs and other members of the ecosystem that can help put you on the right path.

Cognitive GRC is staffed by a highly experienced team of governance, risk and compliance professionals that have been operating across various markets since 2005 and in Hong Kong since 2013. We are supported by a broad range of experts in the markets such as those mentioned above but we also work with specific experts on Climate, Continuity and Operational Resilience to deliver one of the most experienced and results driven providers in Asia. Please see our website for more details on what we do and how we do it.

Email us at for any enquries.

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