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How we deliver our service

Sustainability is fundamental to the success of a business and necessary for a complete understanding of both risk and opportunity. 

ESG can be considered an extension of good GRC. Because ESG and climate issues in particular, are vast and complex areas that have become a focus of both regulators and investors, Cognitive GRC has partnered with firms that have a depth of expertise and experience on the subject matter. The team at Red Links provide international expertise in Asia markets and the ESG division of ACA Global can also assist.

Red Links has established a unique consortium of experience sustainability and business professionals with over 20 years of experience to provide tailor-made, business-ready ESG solutions.


Cognitive can help with integration and assist with:
  • Developing and implementing ESG programmes

  • Reviewing and advising on ESG investment practices

  • Developing and implementing ESG policies and procedures

  • Analysing climate-related risk

  • Providing bespoke CPT training on ESG and climate matters

  • Other sustainability services

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